Classes policies

Most classes in my studio are based on a school year (three-term) curriculum. The school year starts early September and runs until the end of June of the following year. Fall term is September-December, Winter term is January-March, and Spring term is April-June. Studio is generally closed on major holidays and school vacations. Summer classes usually run in shorter sessions, and start in end of June or July.

Drop-in classes and studio hour classes do not have any special curriculum, and are either process-based (like Art for Tots), or offer studio space, materials and general guidance to complete participants’ own art projects.

Important information about payment:

  • Payment for group classes for the whole term (e.g. Winter term. The total amount depends on the number of the weeks in the term). Exception are the classes marked as “drop-in”.
  • Payment is made in the beginning of the term (or at the first class, if you join the group in mid-term). Late fee may be applied if the payment is not received in time.
  • Preferred method of payment is online payment by card (you will receive an invoice with a link). You can also bring a check. Cash is not accepted.
  • If you join the class that is ongoing, payment will be prorated.
  • Sibling discount: 10% of the total cost of the class (applies only to the group classes).
  • Person referring a friend who signs up, will get a $25 credit for the classes.
  • The discounts do not sum up.
  • Refund and make-up policies are stated below .
  • Please note that any class can be re-scheduled or cancelled due to low enrollment. If the new time does not fit your schedule, you’ll get a full refund.
  • For children’s classes materials are usually provided, unless noted otherwise. I cannot provide ALL possible materials, so sometimes students opt to use their own paints, canvases or other things. For adult painting and drawing classes materials are the student’s responsibility (materials lists are emailed to the students). I provide easels, basic paper and drawing supplies.
  • For the cost of classes affiliated with other studios and community centers please follow the links to see the details. My studio is not responsible for organization of these classes.
  • Museum visits, plein-airs and field trips are scheduled/paid separately and for the kid’s groups require additional release signed by parent.
  • Gift certificates are available for new and ongoing classes. In case the class for which the gift certificate is purchased, is cancelled, the customer will receive a three-day notice and either an option to choose another class, or a full refund. That does not apply to emergencies and weather-related cancellations.

General classes  policies

  • The lessons offer professional instruction in painting and drawing in an art studio environment. During the lessons, students practice drawing and painting techniques, and study the basics of color theory, shapes, and values. They explore various art materials, such as acrylic paints, watercolor, graphite and charcoal drawing, as well as mixed media. They are introduced to painting and drawing from observation, from memory and from various references, including the reproductions of the works of the great masters.
  • Students are required to participate in all activities (watching samples, participating in discussions or group critiques, or working independently on a project). ART 3 and 4 students may have homework assignments.
  • Classes are taught in English and in Russian. There are Russian- or English-speaking only groups. In bilingual groups English will be spoken, if any of the students has troubles in understanding Russian.
  • No student will be discriminated on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.

Behavioral expectations:

  • During the classes I expect each student to behave respectfully by taking directions, staying on task, and accepting the guidance. I expect each student as well to refrain from behaviors that abuse the property of the teacher or host facility, from physical aggression or verbal bullying towards anyone. Behavior that does not meet these basic standards will be brought to the attention of the parent and may result in dismissal with no credit, refund or make up day, if unacceptable behavior continues.
  • The art programs are therapeutic in nature but I am by no means certified to address behaviors or conditions (diagnosed or un-diagnosed) that preclude a positive outcome.

Cancellations, refunds and make-ups:

  • Any lesson may be cancelled in case of severe weather or other emergency. Parents/students will be notified by email no later than 2 hours prior to the beginning of the class. Most likely classes will be cancelled, if the public schools are closed. You can call or text me directly if you are not sure about the cancellation. Cancelled lessons will be made up, however days and time may be different than that of regular classes.
  • If I need to cancel the lesson I will notify the students/parents via email and/or text messages as early as possible. Students and parents are responsible for providing the needed and up-to-date contact information. Such lesson may be cancelled with a full refund or made up on another day, if convenient for everyone, or the payment will be rolled over to next payment.
  • Make-ups for pre-paid lessons missed by students can only be arranged on special make-up dates, announced in the end of the term. That applies to sick days, vacations, birthdays and other occasions. There will be no refund for missed group lessons, and the payment cannot be rolled over to the next month’s tuition.
  • Refund is issued if the student drops out of the class during first 3 weeks of attending the class, minus the cost of attended classes and $10 processing fee. After that, in case of dropout, there will be no refund for classes prepaid for the month.
  • You will be provided a copy of class policies upon registration. Please request it if I don’t provide it.