First Steps In Art


First Steps in Art is a program designed for children from 3.5 to 5 years old where they explore, experiment, and discover lots of different ways to express themselves through art. 45-minutes class is divided into small projects (2-3), where young artists work around a theme using different media: paints, clay, markers, tissue paper and more… I believe in huge benefits of choice-based art education at this age. Choice-based approach regards students as artists and offers them real choices for responding to their own ideas and interests. We work with small “art centers” where students can choose different materials for their projects. I do not use a lot of “step-by-step” instruction in order to let the students develop self-confidence and responsibility in making art. However, I think that some tracing and coloring exercises help a lot in building the necessary drawing skills.

Materials mostly used in the classroom (all materials are non-toxic and safe):

  • tempera/kids acrylic paints and solid tempera sticks
  • watercolors
  • oil pastels / water-soluble pastels
  • markers
  • soft pencils
  • non-hardening modeling clay / Fimo clay/ Air-dry clay (I rarely use play-dough)
  • all types of collage materials (tissue paper, felt, fabric, etc., etc.)

Winter classes in Belmont (334 Pleasant St., Belmont, MA):

  • Mondays 10:00-10:45 (Russian-speaking only), $18 per class if paid for the whole Winter term, $22 drop-in price
  • Saturdays Drop-in hour 9:45-10:30, $22 per class
  • Sundays 10:30-11:15 (Russian-speaking only), $20 per class if paid for the whole Winter term, $22 drop-in price

Winter classes in Brookline (1615 Beacon St., Brookline, MA). Please note that this class is 55 minutes:

  • Sunday 3:00-3:55, $25 per class

Please email me at about the registration