Family weekend workshops

family workshops

Family workshops are open to all ages, and are mostly devoted to the activities that parents and children can explore together. These can be: painting, sculpting with modeling clay and other sorts of polymer clay (e.g. “Fimo”, “Sculpey”, etc.), papier-mache, or different types of fiber art (felting, sewing, weaving, knitting and such). You will learn how to make dolls and decorative items, paint on canvas with acrylics, and your kids will knit their first potholder or a toy scarf.

Each workshop has a theme, and participants will choose a medium that they like most. I will show a short demo in the beginning of the event, and than I’ll help you to fulfill your dream project. Please see the topics of the upcoming workshops on the News page.

Currently, these workshops are offered on Sundays in Needham (50 Kearney Rd, Needham, MA), 12-1:30.

Cost of workshop (1 adult + 1 child) : $25, plus $7 for additional guest.