I’ve been teaching sculpting since 2010. In the classroom, we mostly use air-dry modeling compounds, or wax-based modeling clay, sometimes polymer clay that needs baking, such as Fimo or Sculpey. There is a great variety of ways to model nowadays without need to have a kiln and all that special equipment for a ceramic studio.

Papier-mache is a very popular technique, and it is used in both kids’ and adult workshops, especially in those that meet more than once. Besides that, during the classes students can experiment with mixed media, combining, for example,  papier-mache, fibers and wire (we are definitely not limited by these materials). Aluminum foil and wire are good for studying the structure of the objects, especially in figure and animalistic sculpting.

I devote much time to decorative sculpting, when younger students make bas-reliefs and decorative objects with soft and colorful modeling clay.