Botanical Drawing / Drawing Nature classes

The natural world provides endless opportunities to create art. In these classes you’ll discover the variety of techniques to create beautiful drawings, working from observation and from photographs.  We use objects from nature as subject matter, such as: wild and garden flowers, fruits and vegetables, tree branches, shells, feathers and more… Photo references, books, and slideshows are used as sources for inspiration.

Among the media that will be used are: graphite and colored pencils, watercolors and watercolor pencils, inks, Micron pens, professional art markers, and more.

I offer the following classes in botanical art: 

Botanical drawing class is designed for students of all levels. It teaches how to use plants as the subject of art with easy approaches and many visual examples. Some basic topics on botany for the artists are covered. The main materials are graphite and colored pencils; we also use pen & ink, watercolors, and watercolor pencils. 

Drawing Nature course is similar to Botanical drawing, but covers a wider array of subject matters, such as trees, birds, reptiles, and seashells. This class is mostly based on various Natural History Illustration examples that aim to accurately depict the world around us. The purpose of natural history art is to assist the scientists in their work of identifying, describing, classifying, and naming species. We’ll study the two main trends of natural history art – the Linnaean style and what is known as the “ecological style”. This is a daytime class. Wednesdays 10:30-12:30,  at Belmont studio. Cost: $20 per class, payment is made monthly.

Intermediate/Advanced Botanical Drawing is for continuing students who want to further develop their artistic skills in capturing plants. We’ll focus on drawing techniques in colored pencils (blending, underpainting, using alcohol-based markers), as well as general drawing skills: rendering texture, volume, creating depth, foreshortening, etc. More watercolor and pen/ink techniques will be discussed. The drawing subjects’ complexity will increase from session to session. The compositions will involve roots and different stages of development of a plant.  This class runs in at Belmont studio on Tuesdays 6:40-8:40. Cost: $22 per class, payment can be made for the whole term or monthly. 

You can join the classes that have already started, assuming there are spots available. To check availability or to register for the classes at the Belmont studio please follow the link here, or email me directly at

When the class is taught through the Community Education System, buying materials for the class is a student’s responsibility. Otherwise, the cost of materials may or may not be included in the cost of the class. For adult classes I encourage students to have their own paper.