Children’s Art Classes

Advance your children’s art education! You can choose between group and individual lesson option for your child. We gather in really small groups (usually 4-5, limited to 6), which provide a cozy and friendly environment, and much attention from the instructor. Due to the small class the curriculum is flexible, and it can be customized to meet everyone’s interests. Private one-to-one lessons are also available.

Winter 2017 schedule can be found here

The studio art lessons are mostly focused on:
- Observation, memory and invention as the sources of inspiration
- Color theory
- Visual art genres (portrait, still life, landscape, etc.)
- Narrative drawing and illustrating
- Studying perspective and rendering 3D objects
- Fundamentals of composition
- Art vocabulary and main persons in art history
- Exploring new mediums and techniques

You can enroll your child to the group of the following age:
- First Steps in Art – 4-5 years (45 min).
- ART 1. 5-6 years (55 min) Please see sample class description Art classes 5-6 years
- ART 2. 7-9 years (60 min)
- ART 3. 9-11 years (60 min).
- ART 4. Advanced art studies 11-14 years (90 min)

Program descriptions are available upon request. Please contact me if you’d like to learn more about the curricula and my teaching approach.