ART 2 : 7-9 years old


In this program students will be introduced to more elements of art such as 3D form, texture, complementary colors and contrast, as well as such the concepts of horizon and one-point perspective. Fine motor skills will be exercised by hatching and other shading techniques. Children are encouraged to shade/color all the planes in their artworks, so that they will better see their composition as a whole.

Also, students will be more and more involved in drawing and painting from observation. They learn to explore the subject and see its specific characteristics.

If students express interest in studying realistic approach,they are no more longer encouraged to draw in schemes, like, for example, drawing sun in the corner, surrounded by stick rays. (That does not cover topics in stylization, of course).

We’ll continue to draw people on a next level: new elements, such as details, facial features and proportions of a human body will be discussed in class.

The compositions will include overlapping, and a sense of spatial relationships will be more evident.

School-age children are ready for art talk. We will talk about art, artists, favorite artworks and reasons for liking certain things. Parents are encouraged to visit art galleries or exhibition together with their children, and talk at home about the artists we discussed in the classroom.

The lessons are 60 min long. Usually it will take 1 lesson to complete the project, however, some projects will require 2 and more sessions. Number of topics covered in the classroom is approximate. Course consists of modules in painting, drawing, composition, which alternate throughout the school year. Several sessions on 3D art (sculpting from air-dry clay, Fimo clay or papier-mache) may be included in the curriculum.